A Superb Tribute to a Classic Cover

We wanted to pay homage to the original design, but allow the talented artist freedom to interpret the piece in his style. Respecting the work of the original while making appropriate enhancements is foundational to the Divine Right Classic Collector’s Edition. The Classic Collector’s Edition will be a limited edition of 500 copies of the boxed game utilizing the rules from the second TSR edition of November 1979 which incorporates the first edition errata published in Dragon magazine. After the Classic Collector’s Edition is released, a crowdfunding campaign will be conducted in support of the new edition of Divine Right wargame as well as an associated RPG, novels set in Minaria, and lorebooks.

8 thoughts on “A Superb Tribute to a Classic Cover

  1. Wow, serendipity to find this site. I purchased the game originally and did a full DnD campaign around it with the additional written background you published. Such a fun world. Eventually resold it for the $200 or whatever it was on e-bay when bills came calling one year. I look forward to getting an updated copy.

  2. A friend just sent me a free copy of the 1979 version…with everything except the map. Are there any legal options for getting a PDF of just the map so I can use my game? Thanks.

  3. Fantastic cover art! A fitting tribute to the original cover. Very eagerly awaiting the crowdfunding. I obtained all my copies of the original Divine Right from eBay, and still cherish my 25th Anniversary edition.

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